Sam Kok Episode 16

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Cao Cao is laughing at the report that Yuan Shu has crowned himself emperor. Cao’s advisers Guo Jia & Xun Yu him to send letters to the governors on behalf of Emperor Xian urging them to eliminate Yuan Shu, since Cao Cao did not have the means to do it by himself. As Cao Cao leads his army to fight Yuan Shu, Xun Yu tries to ease some of Cao Cao’s worries about the battle & leaving his home city mostly empty. As they are traveling along a road, a bird scares some of the horses leading the carriage Cao Cao is riding in & they bolt. The driver manages to stop but Cao Cao orders to read back some of the rules he made to his solders before leaving home. One of which was that because it is harvest time, they are not to disturb the farmers fields and if violated, they would be put to death. Cao Cao insists that the clerk now behead him since he broke the rule. However Xun Yu convinces Cao Cao to spare himself, since if he were to die, then there would be no one left to fight the rebels. Cao agrees and instead cuts off his hair. Yuan Shu has sent a eunuch to Lü Bu to propose marriage of Yuan Shu’s son, the crown prince & Lü Bu’s daughter. Lü Bu agrees, but the eunuch is stopped from leaving the city with Lü Bu’s daughter by Chen Gong. At Cao Cao’s camp, none of the other governors have sent troops to help Cao Cao against Yuan Shu. None except Liu Bei, who is not a governor. Cao Cao asks some of his advisers if he should accept Liu Bei’s help or kill him. Xun Yu’s suggests to kill him now as he will be a bigger problem in the future. Guo Jia suggests using him as killing him will only bring trouble and cause others to distrust Cao Cao. And Cheng Yu suggests to use him now & kill him later. Cao Cao does decide to use Liu Bei & the army attacks Yuan Shu in the city of Shouchun. As the war rages on, Cao Cao’s soldiers are running low on food and only have enough for a few days and additional food will not arrive for 10 days. Cao Cao does manage to take the city but Yuan Shu is able to escape to the south. Liu Bei and his army return to Xiapei.

Sam Kok

Sam Kok

Three Kingdoms
Status: Completed Network: Released: May 1, 2010 - Jun 18, 2010 Duration: 45 min. Country: Type: Drama Episodes: 95 Casts: , , , , ,
Three Kingdoms is a Chinese television series adapted from Luo Guanzhong's classical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Directed by Gao Xixi, the 95 episodes long series has a budget of over 100 million RMB and was released in May 2010.


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